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8-11 Oak Walk, BedZED Centre, Hackbridge, Surrey SM6 7DE (UK)

Beddington Zero Energy Development is the UK’s largest mixed use sustainable community. It was designed to create a thriving community in which ordinary people could enjoy a high quality of life, while living within their fair share of the Earth’s resources.

BedZED was initiated by BioRegional and ZEDfactory, and developed by the Peabody Trust. It was completed and occupied in 2002.

People move to BedZED with typical lifestyles, and over the years change their behaviour significantly. The holistic design works on three levels:

1. the design solves problems such as heating and water usage;

2. the design and services offered help people make sustainable choices such as walking rather than driving; and

3. the community have created their own facilities and groups to improve quality of life and reduce their environmental impact.

Reference: BioRegional website

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